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 AJAX is at the core of Teleiotes. AJAX is the way of asynchronous communication between the client and the server. AJAX is cool because it does not require the page refresh which gives the web applications a feel of real desktop applications. Of course, use of AJAX requires a sufficient amount of logic to be transferred to the client side (at least GUI logic such as rendering). While core business logic has to be with the server, client cannot be as it used to be. Rise of AJAX along with the wide availability of the World Wide Web made JavaScript as popular as it is now.

Teleiotes lets you perform AJAX at a great ease. The most basic operation of AJAX is usually to load server content to client. Pretty API facilitates this:




Just one line of code and you are done!!

Many situations demand a more detailed use of XmlHttpRequest object. Teleiotes' core AJAX API provides you complete control for advanced AJAX tasks.


	link: "page.htm",
	method: "GET",
	async: false,
	postparam: "",
	success: function(resp) {


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